Spam Protection

Our Clients Say...

"It was a wonderful, pleasant and no stress experience working with CrystalVision. Their professionalism and follow up is most impressive. Pro bono certainly is important to a non profit, and when no cost is combined with excellent quality and service we are delighted! Deb chose us and we are very glad she did!"

Cheryl Rau
United Way of the Greater Seacoast

CrystalVision confronts the issue of spam email head-on by employing the latest tools and techniques for spam protection on all fronts. By educating our clients about the "do's and don'ts" of distributing their email addresses, using up-to-date captcha technologies on web site forms and installing powerful spam filters on email servers, spam can not only be prevented on new domains, but can be reduced on domains hard hit by this constant web annoyance.

Below is a quick summary of two of the primary spam-fighting tools employed by CrystalVision on a regular basis.


"CAPTCHAs" are programs that can tell whether a user is human or a computer. It's likely you've seen them before: they are typically found at the bottom of various web forms and feature distorted pairs of words which must be accurately entered into a field before the form can be submitted. As every day there are more "bots" (automated spam generating programs) released onto the web, CAPTCHAs are a frequently called-upon line of defense. The reason a CAPTCHA works is simple: no computer program can read distorted text as well as a human can. The result? Bots aren't able to submit their spam through contact forms - or even navigate through web sites - protected by a CAPTCHA.

At CrystalVision, we use reCAPTCHA, a popular CAPTCHA service created by Carnegie Mellon University. To learn more, visit the reCAPTCHA web site or see it at work on our web site by contacting CrystalVision!

reCAPTCHA example
An example of a reCAPTCHA with custom styling by CrystalVision. See it in action!

Message Center

A popular service offered by CrystalVision is a "Message Center" that re-routes spam messages received by your email account to an easy-to-use, web-based interface where you can view messages tagged as spam safely without any harm to your computer. Your legitimate email messages are delivered to your email inbox, just as they always were, but junk and virus-infected email is kept out of your view unless you log into your Message Center.

The Message Center uses powerful algorithms to actually "learn" what you consider spam, and uses the same effective and accurate filtering technology as Google's gmail. A regular email alert will remind you to check your Message Center and review quarantined email. If you decide not to take any action, your quarantined messages will be held for 14 days and then automatically deleted.

If you're plagued by spam and want to stop the flood of junk mail into your inbox, contact CrystalVision today and let us help you!