Web & Mobile Productivity – YellowFrog is Making the Connection

Portsmouth, NH, July 21, 2011 - The number of people accessing the Internet through their mobile device is growing fast and is expected to overtake the PC as the most popular way to get on the Web within the next five years. Sooner rather than later, mobile web applications and mobile-optimized web sites will be a requirement for most businesses. Since the mobile-optimized technology boom has only occurred within the last few years, many businesses are unsure about what they should consider for the immediate future.

That's why YellowFrog Web & Mobile Productivity can be a strong, cost-effective partner. "YellowFrog was created to assist companies in enhancing access to their web sites and dramatically improving productivity through the creation of mobile web tools. All tools are custom developed based entirely on the individual company’s objectives," said Deb Brewer, President of YellowFrog.

The recently-formed YellowFrog Web & Mobile Productivity team was created to address the growing market of companies seeking to be more competitive through the use of the current mobile web technologies. It is a division of the well-established web development firm, CrystalVision.

Examples of mobile web tools include the monitoring of data or events; access to status information on products, inventory and projects; tracking sales activities; calculating energy usage and data/information exchanges of all types.

"Basically there are no limits on the functionality of mobile web applications. The bottom line is based on what your company needs to improve your internal processes and reach your target market better and faster than your competitors," added Brewer.

To learn more about what YellowFrog can do for your business and why the frog is yellow, visit YellowFrogWeb.com.

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