CrystalVision Drops the SE from SEO in Favor of UEO - User Enhanced Optimization

Portsmouth, NH, July 7, 2011 - One of the leading web development firms in New England, CrystalVision, has successfully remodeled their entire Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Program with great success. The company has coined the term: User Enhanced Optimization or UEO. The efforts of UEO are centered on optimizing the user's experience rather than the goal of SEO and solely trying to rank on the search engines for results.

"Having performed SEO work for over 15 years we've come to understand it wasn't top ranking that brought in business, but the visitor," comments CrystalVision President Deb Brewer. "The shift in focus towards optimizing for the user versus the engines has doubled, and in some cases tripled Calls to Action (CtA) for every SEO client." Brewer concludes.

Comprehensive statistical analysis coupled with a clear understanding of the individual site's traffic patterns has led CrystalVision to begin customizing each client's site based not on what the search engines said to be the most popular term but exactly what terms were "of value". The difference is working with terms that bring results and deleting terms that are less than successful.

"Once we began focusing on what works rather than what we wanted or the client thought to be great terms, amazing things began to happen," states SEO Coordinator David Hallmark. "You still need the search engines for traffic, but we now look at a hundred other factors besides "How high do we rank today." We are now putting round pegs in round holes and not trying to force visitor conversions based on some keyword suggestion tool. Using real data from the user, enhancing what works and ditching what doesn't has made the biggest difference," Hallmark adds.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the craft of the manipulating of a web site for specific desired terms with the goal of ranking high on the search engines for those terms. User Enhanced Optimization (UEO) is the craft of the manipulating a web site for achieving specific "Call to Action" (CtA) goals utilizing the keyword terms that work.

About CrystalVision, Inc.: CrystalVision is a full service web application development and search engine optimization firm that has been providing innovative and award-winning results for its clients for over sixteen years. CrystalVision's expertise is in fully-integrated, customized solutions that include web application design & development, e-commerce & security, content management systems & maintenance, global and geo-targeted ("Local Search") search engine marketing, social media marketing and many other specialized web & e-marketing services.

To find out how CrystalVision can help your company achieve its online goals, contact them at 603.433.9559 or visit their web site at:

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