CrystalVision, Inc. - Only NH Full Service Firm Awarded Microsoft adExcellence Certification

Portsmouth, New Hampshire. February 7, 2011 -

CrystalVision Inc., has become the first full-service web development firm in New Hampshire to achieve an adExcellence Certification from Microsoft. The certificate was awarded for thorough knowledge, use and applied skills of the Microsoft's adCenter pay-per-click (PPC) tool. This new certification adds to the substantial offering CrystalVision currently maintains within their SEO program.

"Receiving the certification means we can document and verify publicly what we've done for years, provide outstanding results for our clients." States Deb Brewer, President of CrystalVision, Inc. "Pay for performance marketing is here to stay and we're proud to be leading the way with the latest tools and educational opportunities at our disposal." she concluded.

CrystalVision's PPC program (a part of their comprehensive SEO program) assists businesses with planning, creating, analyzing and optimizing their search advertising campaigns. The first step is researching and effectively planning keyword strategies to ensure each campaign is successful and reaches the target audience. By designing targeted campaigns the conversation with the customers becomes more engaging and relevant; thus yielding higher conversion rates or more effective CTA's (calls to action).

In additional to the SEO program, CrystalVision is a full service web application development and design firm that has been providing innovative and award-winning results for its clients for over sixteen years. CrystalVision's expertise is in fully integrated, customized solutions that include web application development, website design, e-commerce & security, content management systems & maintenance, search engine optimization &. marketing as well as other specialized web & e-marketing services.

CrystalVision provides businesses with the web-based capacity to reach current and potential clients while also implementing powerful tools to streamline corporate productivity.

CrystalVision's experience and talented team continuously produces award-winning results for their clients that demonstrate a return on investment and support continual growth and business development. To learn more about CrystalVision, visit their website at: or contact them at 603.433.9559 to find out how they can help your company achieve its online goals.

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