How Can Twitter’s Brand Pages be Successful?

The recent buzz is that Twitter is developing brand pages, akin to those on Facebook. According to Marketing Magazine, “Branded pages, through which advertisers could deliver tailored messages, are under consideration, along with other plans to increase the long-term revenue potential of the social network, according to sources familiar with the subject.”

Currently Twitter has yet to really introduce something profoundly enticing for brands. They offer Promoted Accounts that allow brands to buy a place in recommended followers’ lists and sponsor hashtags, Promoted Tweets and Promoted Trends.

What creative solutions Twitter will come up with, we don’t know at this juncture. But after spending considerable time on both Twitter and Facebook, I can see the potential value to marketers in being able to do more with their pages, similar to Business Pages on Facebook. I think potentially allowing (slightly) more than 140 characters would be a good start. This could allow marketers to expand their promotional messages to include more details, links, or even #hashtags. Some other thoughts include allowing Brand Pages to have more space and creative freedom with their backgrounds and page layouts, including option for live media and hyperlinks. And to further sell marketers, implementing a new link shortening feature within Twitter would be great so marketers do not need third-party apps. Maybe custom-branded URL’s like some apps offer? This would also entice marketers if analytics were included so they can measure ROI.

What are your thoughts? Could this improve how marketers reach their twitter audience more effectively? What other creative solutions could Twitter implement? Will this disrupt the flow as things stand now?

Chime in.

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