Stress Free Search Engine Optimization

We, the CrystalVision staff, are tracking for our SEO clients over 50,000 keyword terms per month. Not a wish list of terms and not a proposed list but the list of terms actually drawing visitors that represents an excess of 1,000,000 (1 million) page views.

While our conversion rates can be improved upon, they’ve never been better. And to date the +50,000 terms are nothing we crafted, created or generated, we let the “market decide.”  Our shifted focus on “what works” over “what we want to work” has cleared the path to success.

This methodology while seemingly subtle in approach is a dramatic departure from a classic search engine optimization definition.  Researching list after list of the most popular terms, trends, seasons, prices, competition and the endless lists our industry kicks out contain very little value these days.

On average we are seeing between 80% to 89% of all search engine visitors coming in from single term queries. Take that to 2 people looking at the exact same phrase/keyword term and you jump to 90% to 96%.  And as you might guess the bulk of the conversions come from the largest pool of terms, the long-tail searches.

Ask any mathematician or statistician about the management and analysis of a lot of 1 and you’ll likely get funny faces.  It was/is difficult to analyze a group of 1 keyword term that brings success, but the beauty of it is the 1 is a part of the larger group. While it takes a little bit more to review, the results are worth the effort.  Let me explain.

Antique SEO would tell you to look at the 1 term that brought the most results and build off that. That 1 term typically being a small piece of the whole, usually under a total of 5% of results, but because the number looked larger compared to the rest, it was the driver of the program.

CrystalVision’s method is to look at the collective totals and analyze the successes and not a manufactured list, a suggested tool list, a wish list or the keyword term batting 0.5%.  The “Lot of 1”, the unique visitors, armies of 1, paint the real picture of how the site performs and is ranked, and also represent the largest success pool. Optimization efforts here provide the greatest rewards.

The true beauty of our methods is our clients are no longer held hostage by a search engine who modifies their algorithm or by a competitor trying to squeeze in that space. By staying focused on our customers and clients, analyzing our own stats and keyword terms we have removed the stress and strife in the search engine optimization wars.

If you’d like a stress-free stats analysis, give us a call – 603-433-9559.

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