Responsive Vs. Non-Responsive … CLIENTS!

This past week I’ve had the pleasure to sit in on two meetings with clients and the differences can’t be any more black and white than this.  Both marketing a 6-figure product or service.

Company 1 we’ll call Acme and Company 2 we’ll call Bravo, have, for the last 4+ years been doing our SEO Program.  The results have been double digit conversions based on tried, tested and true metrics and methodologies but the expectations and responsiveness are what makes the story stranger than fiction.

The CrystalVision Team approach to SEO has been the same since 2000, base your path on facts, statistics and market directions.  The difference between Acme and Bravo is their response to the market, facts and what customers are telling them.

Acme’s desire to increase their customer base, seeing the facts and results heeded the call to action from the CrystalVision Team and during the past meeting reported a total company increases in revenue of 20% per year over the last 4 years.  Much of the increase was a direct result of the conversions (verifiable) from the SEO Program.

Bravo, while enjoying a double digit conversion rate from foundational work, has essentially flat-lined for the last 4 years.  Though our reporting monthly and oft times weekly stated “your customers are here” refused our analysis and spent time pursuing avenues that today we are still not seeing even a 2% conversion rate.  Avenues such as Social Media, Pay Per Click and other assorted media buys when the transparent facts said otherwise, organic search.

No amount of analysis work made an impact to getting a “response”!

Unfortunately, had Bravo been a corner pizza location our analysis would have likely fell inline with their “gut” feeling and marketing direction.

In the end, covering SEO trends, analysis and actions for 15 years we’ve seen them come and go.  The difference is in the clients ability to recognize that maybe “not moving a pixel” was a wise choice or revamping an entire section IS, is it all comes down to the analysis, putting feelings aside and like my television hero says: Trust the Process!

Some do, some don’t, some win, some lose.

If you want to see the path your web site is on, look to your web stats.  If you need help determining the route from Barrow, Alaska to Key West, Florida, give us a call.  The process hasn’t changed, just the mile markers (benchmarks – action items) along the way.  It’s really that easy!



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