CrystalVision Achieves Success For Hubbingtons Secondary Web Site

Barrington, New Hampshire – Hubbingtons Classic American Made Furniture came to CrystalVision as a search engine optimization client. CrystalVision’s team of SEO experts took on a webmaster position and an advisory role to implement changes to the architecture and on-page content, along with code manipulation to better adhere to search engines criteria. With solid initial performance, the project eventually resulted in a secondary web site being built for the sole and express purpose to rank high in a specific niche market and with a clear and measurable call to action.

CrystalVision’s methodologies in conducting search engine optimization programs have evolved as quickly as the engines themselves. Conducting a successful campaign means using more than a single set of keyword terms. With fluid and dynamic sets of variables, decisions on directions to take a page or the site as a whole are made based on user experiences and ever-changing market conditions. Full implementation of any one campaign is marked with a history of successful calls to action rather than ranking reports showing a few, or even hundreds, (as experienced by all CrystalVision SEO clients currently) top positions on any of the search engines.

As CrystalVision’s Search Engine Optimization Program transitions from ranking-based results to results-based success campaigns, Hubbingtons Classic American Made Furniture is enjoying top positions not only due to programming excellence, but also a methodology designed for results and not just a position on a chart.

About Hubbingtons:

At Hubbingtons, their goal is to provide the very best furniture at the lowest price and in a relaxed setting. The owners of Hubbingtons feel that if customers are offered quality furniture, they would be willing to drive to touch/feel and buy from someone in New England.

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