Dancing With the Web Site (DWTwS)

Mindless media voyeurism at it’s peak I enjoy Dancing With the Stars.  New Hampshire native Tom Bergeron makes the show palatable.  The professional dancers while getting a lot of airtime typically have little to say but are the true heroes of the series and success.

This season didn’t disappoint with a great dose of couch referee’ing either.  Between the obvious popularity contests vs. dancing ability, personal attacks on attitude and appearance vs. dancing steps all added to the drama but the true drama unseen and slide by the general public is what the actual “voter” totals are.

The show and we assume the American voting public pick off one guy then one gal, then one guy and one gal at a time.  Of 12 the final 4 were 2 male and 2 female “stars”.  We all knew Macs and Hope were never going to make it to the Finals by the way.

The point of this piece is the show is crafted for maximum entertainment value and not truly about talent or ability.  In the age of transparency and if the voter totals actually count for 50% of the totals why are we never allowed to see what type of numbers are actually being generated?

How is it that in less than 23 hours were Len, CarrieAnn and Bruno making promo tapes about the final 2 when voting didn’t close until midnight on Monday?  Make that 21 hours?  The winner was already chosen?  The judges’ scores (top 3 finalists all 1 point apart?) did they really mean anything?

How does this relate to your web site?  Just like the staff at DWTS you are privy to a lot of information about your web site the general public doesn’t know. 

While you may have a real star-performing page, you may elect (get it, voting and electing?) to spotlight a less than premium product or service as if it were the star.  The star of course will carry through without ill effect but you can elevate and promote what you see as the winner, and deliver that mirror ball trophy as you see fit.

Creating your own niche within your web site via on-site optimization techniques along with some site sculpting, like the staff of DWTS, you can present a winner regardless of the judges scores (ability + heaping of popularity points {gushing over yet another Kardashian?}) and over the voting (top pages) to drive the results (top call to action) you want.  While seemingly random between the voting and judge scores in choosing the winner, it boils down to carefully crafted top shelf entertainment, just like you should view your web site.

Season 14 ……….

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