Dancing With The Stars (aka: Your Web Site!)

During the finals of season 11 of DWTS the producers modified how the winner would be determined in that up to the last moment, more “scores” would be added.  A very clear move to avoid any fallout from “surprise” winners or eliminations.  They even included how votes and voting affected the totals and how the winner was selected.  All based on “percentages”, the program changed in how it did it’s business to achieve it’s goals, Good Ratings, Happy Viewers, Happy Advertisers and avoiding any conflicts.

Shifting from what “used to work” to “what we need to make happen” is how web sites should be responding as well.  The goals used to be, more traffic, more rankings. The true goal was to attract more sales and/or customers. (Unless you are a movement and just wish to “spread the word” then traffic and rankings are #1) The goals today should be, “What works and how do we nurture that growth rate”.

Your own web site can be a model after a very successful franchise, one the critics didn’t think would last by the way.  By listening to your “voters” and mindful of your own goals, you have the ability to change the direction, message and methodology of getting your own mirrorball trophy.

Votes to your web site are pouring in daily but are you counting them? Some voters are even dialing your hotline, are you answering? 

Your web statistics show you on a daily basis what folks searched for (votes), how they arrived (links).  If your site has a individual site search (your hotline) not only did visitors find you by some means, but wanted to know even more.  Did you deliver? (answer?)

If you are stuck doing “The Twist” (aka: If I rank for this one keyword I know I will be successful) maybe our team can help you count your votes and see who the winner is this season. Next season will be different with different voters so knowing what steps to begin practicing now will help you win the trophy back-to-back!

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