America’s Got Cultural Ignoramus

During a recent episode of “America’s Got Talent,” judge Piers Morgan referred to judge Howie Mandel as a “cultural ignoramus.” With a great laugh by everyone and the term used over and over during the night, it was played off again the following night when Howie brought out a desk name plate: “Howie Mandel: Cultural Ignoramus.”

Seizing the moment, the CrystalVision team did a quick domain name lookup and found the primary name: was available.  With one image and one link back to CrystalVision, the “site” was launched.

Within 12 hours, it was #1 on Google and the featured “Feeling Lucky” pick for the search term “cultural ignoramus.”

The power of the domain name alone carried the site (if you can call a one-image, one-page posting a site) to #1 on Google.

Please visit the page and see for yourself:

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