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When Does Zero Equal Huge Profit Potential?

Do you repair 1965 Ford V8 motors? Would you be amazed nobody in the world does according to Google? Read more….. Continue reading

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What Am I Doing Here?

Where did I place that content again? Does your web page look like this? Wonder why the form isn’t filled out or the phone number doesn’t seem to work? Take a deep breathe and check out 1 example of a typical web page we see every day but rarely give 2 thoughts about what we really are looking at. Continue reading

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Is an 87% Traffic Increase Considered a Successful SEO Campaign?

Have you been fed “market-speak” then put on the cookie-cutter table of SEO? While Buzz is fun, if it doesn’t add results, consider yourself stung! Continue reading

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Why using one programming language over another matters — or does it?

In many ways, the question of which language will be chosen for the development of your web site is very important. It determines the requirements for the server where your web site will be hosted, the amount of time it’s … Continue reading

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To Session Track or Not To Session Track, That Is the Question

How much data do you need from your web analytics to make great decisions on web site edits? Would knowing more help? If your web site isn’t perfoming like you hoped it would maybe a fresh look at the real data will reveal missing links. If you are satisfied with the volume of traffic and customers from your web site then this article isn’t for you. All others, please read on…. Continue reading

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Why Don’t You Call Me Sometime?

I just looked up your phone number on the Internet. Guess what the top results were? Hint: They weren’t you! Continue reading

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The Importance of Individual Site Search

Locating desired information quickly and easily in a demanding professional schedule often relies on a major search engine’s ability to deliver the results. The top search engines pride themselves on delivering the information in seconds and will often treat their web site as the destination location for all your search needs. These search engines should serve as an example of success and your website should have a similar goal.

Currently, what happens when visitors land on your website from these search engines? Do they have to read through your sales pitch, company history, and who your friends are (outbound links) to reach the information they are looking for? If this is the case, and your company offers more than one product or service, your site should offer a site search. Offering an individual site search delivers a multitude of opportunities and benefits for the visitors, but more importantly to you, the business owner. Continue reading

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PCI DSS Compliance Made Easy

If you run an online store or accept credit card payments on your web site, you may have heard about the credit card industry requirements known as PCI DSS. From a high level, the new rules enforce stricter control over how customer credit card data is handled at every step of a transaction. While merchants with tens of thousands of transactions a month are held to stricter guidelines, even merchants processing a few orders a month must comply with a subset of the full ruleset, potentially including a quarterly security scan of your web site. As an incentive to push merchants towards compliance, some merchant account institutions have begun charging their customers monthly fines until proof of certification is presented. Continue reading

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