Why Don’t You Call Me Sometime?

You have poured over brilliant content for your web site. Spent hundreds of hours tweaking the design. Read, researched and implemented precise keyword terms. You have spent countless hours getting your brand and message to go viral with social media.

You have covered all your bases in the new media. Your phone number is one of the top “Call to Action” action items. For every 27 calls you get you can bank on 3.5 sales. “Call Now” “Call Toll Free” “Mention Ad Special and Recieve 20% off”.

What happens when I do a phone look up on the search engines? There is afterall only one company with this phone number right?  Your number, your address, your business? You are assuming you are automatically #1 on every search engine in the world, right?


Every once in awhile depending on your web site programming, word count etc will you be #1 on a few (maybe) search engines, but for the most part, directories are fighting for traffic and results for YOUR number! Why?

Why? Because people still look up phone numbers!

Look up CrystalVision’s phone number any time.  603-433-9559 (or: 6034339559) (or: 603 433 9559) (or: 603.433.9559)

For the few dollars per year, making it easy for a potential customer to reach your quicker and easier would be well worth it.  Contact a CrystalVision Team member today about ranking above YOUR competition for YOUR phone number!!!

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