When Does Zero Equal Huge Profit Potential?

Search engine optimization today is vastly different than 2 years ago or even 5 years ago and is and will continue to be an evolving tool designed to deliver the best results not for the masses but for 1 person, YOU!


While the case was made, the riches are being in the top 10 for the term that a million visitors saw, as we all now know, did not bring buying customers.  What did were the terms that fit exactly to what the searcher was looking for.  Like Google, Bing, Yahoo and the rest the goal has been to deliver the ever more exact match.


A quick check on Google (as of March 6, 2014) not one business was optimized for: “1965 Ford V8 engine repair”

1965 Ford V8 motor repair

While terms like this may not round up millions of visitors, you didn’t want millions, but 1 buyer that found your matching products and services.  (Searching 2 plus decades all returned zero results!)


Though Google will never tell you or provide a list of all zero results terms, your own site search WILL!


The real treasure is if this is your business and when the potential visitor does get to your site and uses YOUR site search, pay attention to the ZERO returns too!  If the customer took the time to review your site and wanted to dig to quickly find “1965” and you don’t have anything listed (provided you support and offer it), while this may have been a missed opportunity, it gave you an insight on what new content should be added and before you know it, you will have cornered the market both on the search engines but also your own sales quota!

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