What Am I Doing Here?

Why Am I Here?

At first it was useful. It then became helpful. Soon it became so overwhelming that we avoid it and studies are being conducted over it.

What am I talking about?  Web page clutter. The extra stuff we all decided needed to be added for the benefit of the reader, just in case. The problem is nothing gets removed, just made smaller and then we try to measure the effectiveness with eye scan heat maps, A\B split testing, time on page data, bounce rates, you name it.

As a random test I clicked on a top tab from the daily dose of scrolling marquise items from the daily dose of useless info wasting my day on Yahoo home page.  Jimmie Kimmel is funny at times, maybe a quick video for a laugh or two and the headline looked like it was topical, back to school pranking.  Below is the screen shot (my bad slice photoshop skills included) of that page.

The video never loaded for me by the way, it literally timed out waiting for all the rest of the “stuff” to be pulled in from “the cloud”.  Feel free to refer to the image below but from the top down here is what you are asked to consider doing, ready ……..

1) Register as new Yahoo user
2) Already a User, Sign In
3) Need Help with your account
4) Preview your mail with a new Yahoo Toolbar
5) Signed in to Yahoo? Here are your Alerts
6) Check your Yahoo Email account
7) Go to you’re my Yahoo home page
8) Go to Yahoo home page
9) Go to Shine from Yahoo home page
10) Search Yahoo web
11) Navigation Tab: Today, Shine.Yahoo.com home page
12) Today tab reveals additional 8 sub-nav links
13) Shine News tab + 7 more sub-nav links
14) Shine Style tab + 7 more sub-nav links
15) Shine Healthy Living tab + 6 more sub-nav links
16) Shine Parenting tab + 6 more sub-nav links
17) Shine Love tab + 6 more sub-nav links
18) Shine Food tab + 6 more sub-nav links
19) Shine Work tab + 7 more sub-nav links
20) Shine Pets tab + 6 more sub-nav links
21) Shine At Home tab + 6 more sub-nav links
22) Shine Horoscope tab + 2 more sub-nav links
23) My Shine tab
24) Search Shine portion of site
25) Top Trending on Shine (displaying 6 links)
26) Log in to your FaceBook account from here
27) Learn more about FaceBook
28) See what else Sarah wrote for Shine
29) Discovery more on Parenting on Shine link
30) Email this article to a Friend
31) Recommend this via FaceBook
32) Tweet this link
33) Add to your Google+ account
34) Print this article
35) Video (all black box for me, never loaded)
36) 12 sentence blurb, 4 paragraphs on what you’ll be watching
37) 5 embedded links within the 12 sentences
38) Also on Shine options = 3 more links
39) Related Search Topics (really Ads by Yahoo)
40) Ads by Yahoo link
41) Leave a comment
42) Comment Guidelines
43) Sort all comments (4 options)
44) Top 21 poster comments, each with a value of 4 links, Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down, Reply to their comment and link to their Yahoo Profile (=  84 more links)
45) See more than these comments
46) Another request to Post a Comment
47) Another round of: Email this article to a friend
48) Recommend this article on FaceBook
49) Tweet this article
50) Add to Google+ account
51) Print this article
52) Top selections on Today on Yahoo (+20 links)
53) All footer links (in red box) = +45 links
54) Legal disclaimer
55) Back to top, right column, Learn more about Testosterone (ad box)
56) AdChoice link in case you want to advertise there
57) Like this on FaceBook
58) Sign Up for FaceBook again
59) Add this to your Pinterest collection
60) RSS Feed subscription
61) 5 links to more associated “stuff”
62) Playing the “Daily” video + 156 videos in playlist
63) 3 more ideas with links you may be interested in
64) Another ad: for zits
65) AdChoices to advertise again


Deep breathe – 453 links.  Why am I here again?

The clutter is astounding. The options are mind-numbing. Self-induced ADD.  All I wanted to do was watch a stupid little video for less than 90 seconds for a chuckle and I am blasted, and MUST avoid all that with darting eyes to stay focused on what I wanted to do.  Also, while doing so while all this downloads or gets pulled from at least half as many feeds itself, for a 12 sentence article talking about the video.

You don’t need more bandwidth, your connection isn’t that slow it’s these pages as so loaded, they are designed to max both you and your system.

All of this for the single take-away. You have my attention, what do you want me to do?

Your call to action, is it so diluted that your audience is missing the point? Sure you have it all there, sign up, log in, search, associated content, contact, call, mail, email, check this or that Social Media status, but what do you REALLY want me to do from the page I am reading right now?

The answer is likely not the same for every page so the hip-shot answer will need to be evaluated. Some cases its read more, check the value proposition or going straight for the sale, call now, you’ve read enough, fill out the form for detailed information.

In the end, your web site is likely already delivering enough traffic for you to be very successful you’re just missing a few key elements, like the right call to action, the right navigational paths and reduced clutter.

If you’ve read this all then we can make the pitch, call today for a free, no-hassle candid review of your site and how we might be able to help increase your conversion rates that will elevate the bottomline. 603-433-9559


Click on image for full screen size.


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