To Session Track or Not To Session Track, That Is the Question

With our restructured search engine optimization program, the need to place analytics in the driver seat found us lacking a few gears needed to attain top speeds.  One such “gear” was the inclusion of session tracking or the ability to view the actual full pathway of the visitor through the web site. Many of our clients goals are to get some visitor response during their session. Of the successful visitors that did respond to the clear call to action, we lacked the knowledge of where they entered, how they surfed the site and at what point were they engaged.

I have never been concerned with what Google coined as “the bounce rate” (a phrase used loosely with no real understanding of it’s meaning but has come to mean how many one-page visitors you have). For CrystalVision these “bouncers” were and are of no real value. Trying to keep someone on the site if they know within seconds this isn’t the site for them is a waste of marketing energy. Rather we want to know the people that do surf the site what the common thread was/is.

Avoiding data dumps; we have been looking at a few key measurements such as the common thread of completed leads. What were the first few pages they visited?  What were the last few pages viewed before committing some personal information to us and where did they spend the most time on the site?  These and many more have been identified as the top indicators of what works and what doesn’t.

With server-side web statistics, real time reporting with only minutes of lag time and a mash-up of a secondary customizable session tracking tool, we are now able to capture a visitor session from entry point to leaving their name and email. The ability to match that visitor and the complete detailed history is an amazing business-marketing tool. The advantages so far have been to see precisely what keyword terms are really working as opposed to what we’d like to work.

For search engine optimization work, knowing what keyword terms are working and devoting time in supporting those versus wasting time on wish list terms has been enlightening and a validation of our total restructuring of the program.

The value of this technology, analytical ability and marketing detail is not for every business. Many of our clients would not realize a return on investment (ROI) employing session tracking at this level.  During this slumped economy, the clients utilizing this analytical approach to increase leads and revenue with session tracking has been a welcomed business decision.

To session track or not to session track, that is the question you need to ask. Would you benefit from knowing every path through the site to your top call to action? Would definitively knowing what keyword terms were working as opposed to what you think should work help with your search engine optimization (SEO) decisions?  The skill set and analytical ability of the CrystalVision Team is unsurpassed in New England.  Give us a call to discuss if this depth of SEO work would be beneficial to your company and profitability.


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