PCI DSS Compliance Made Easy

If you run an online store or accept credit card payments on your web site, you may have heard about the credit card industry requirements known as PCI DSS. From a high level, the new rules enforce stricter control over how customer credit card data is handled at every step of a transaction. While merchants with tens of thousands of transactions a month are held to stricter guidelines, even merchants processing a few orders a month must comply with a subset of the full ruleset, potentially including a quarterly security scan of your web site. As an incentive to push merchants towards compliance, some merchant account institutions have begun charging their customers monthly fines until proof of certification is presented.

For our existing clients, we’re now offering a PCI DSS compliance service that will help you meet the new requirements. (If you want to read the complete, wordy details for yourself, they’re available through the PCI Security Standards Council web site.) We’ve spent time reviewing the new requirements and can help get you on track and certified. For more info, contact us.

Also, if you’ve been thinking about starting a new eCommerce site, make sure that whatever solution you choose is PA-DSS certified. This is a requirement on the software manufacturer, but unless you’re using an in-house payment application, you must choose from the provided list.

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