Is an 87% Traffic Increase Considered a Successful SEO Campaign?

We recently saw a job posting for a SEO Company in NYC that required a 4-year degree, as many years experience with a whole list of required skills (Word, Excel, Blog & Social Media) for the position. 

Is all that necessary when making an outsourced SEO decision?  Does the persons GPA from college have anything to do with the success of my web site?  In a word – NO!

The ability to recognize quality over market-speak, you know the type, can be a mine field for your wallet. 

“The latest algorithmic shifts in the global cross-coordinated data centers at Google reflect the trending spikes of revenue paradigms of the polarizing popularity constraints and therefore our deft technical expertise, while highly priced and often sought after has the ability to guide you (and your wallet) safely to a ranking position that will offer comfort when we direct you to the exact term and hope a sale ensues after your check clears.”

As a company in search of a great SEO firm, a few questions should come to mind. 

“Can I expect results?”

“What has been the best results you’ve achieved for a client?”

“What has been the worst results you’ve experienced?”

If you are guided to a list of keyword terms the new firm “thinks” are great for you, a mass of charts and diagrams, geographic data and stuff that make you dizzy, ask one more question: “Exactly who will be working on my site?”

If you are handed off from person to person, salesman to market coordinator to manager to lead Team Member you can be assured they have a great organizational structure in place but unlikely key decisions to how to successfully manage YOUR web site any differently than anyone else’s will be assured. You’ve been cookie-cut.

On average since we’ve broke from the pack of SEO firms, doing business the same way as they/we did in 2001 (meta tags, keyword lists, doorway pages etc) our success rates of traffic increases are up 87% and virtually all Call To Action results double digits per month and not the industry average of 2.5 – 3.0%.

While our capacity is limited to accept new clients, we do have some room to expand without fear of loss of quality to the rest and without considering breaking out a cookie cutter.

Email or call today.

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